Extraordinary ideas make the world awesome.

Now more than ever, innovators are bringing their big visions to life with digital businesses. But there’s one factor holding too many brilliant dreamers back from growing massively, or even starting: fear of financial complications.

The goal.

We’re here to give creative-minded entrepreneurs and business owners the financial support, advice, and tools they need to make their ideas happen. And we make it as painless and friendly as possible. Promise.

We get it.

Numbers aren’t for everyone. Most trailblazers prefer to be making cool stuff. Meeting people. Moving forward. Not stuck at a desk trying to decipher spreadsheets.

That’s where we step in. Change believes all business owners should be in a position to focus on expanding and scaling — whether they’re a financial whiz, or totally new to the game.

We’ve ditched the “clients = revenue” model in favor of a “clients = human beings” approach.

Jargon-free. Pressure-free. Bullsh*t-free.

So you can.

Grow your business with ease, knowing you’ve got help in your corner.

Focus on your objectives, while we keep an eye on your day-to-day finances.

Make smart, savvy decisions more quickly and have actual fun building up your biz.

Change is:


We’ve connected information and action in one place, to make a clear and succinct platform bolstered with real-time backing from industry pros.


Our homegrown software is intuitive and user-focused, making it a breeze for any entrepreneur to take action. Set yourself free, and dedicate your time to your business.

Here for you

Our team of (very human!) expert accountants are always here to lend a hand, and give you answers + advice when the time comes.

The guys making it happen.

Shaun Singh
Co-founder / CEO

Shaun is an ideas guy trying to leave the world better than he found it.

With a solid eye for detail, a heart for more human-centred service models, + a knack for solving problems, he’s out to turn the rigid world of accounting on its head with an approach that puts people + their businesses in the driver’s seat.

He’s always looking to get involved in projects and help other businesses do cool stuff. So hit him up on Twitter or send him a message.

Roger Hatrick-Smith
Co-founder / COO

Roger has served as a consultant across the Big Four accounting firms, is the former Director of Entrepreneurial Markets for EY, and is also the mind behind the ground-breaking virtual financial leadership + support firm, VCFO.

After years of offering insight to business owners who are starting a business, or wanting better performance from their existing business, he’s now lending his brilliant brain to Change.

For more about Roger, check him out on LinkedIn or send him a message.

You + your business are more than a bundle of numbers.

We’re here to get to know YOU, your habits, and your goals, to offer the most personalized expert support on the planet.

Entrepreneurship can be chaos.

But your books don’t have to be.